arm64 - services not running that should be - missing capabilities

Bug #1891203 reported by Andrew McLeod
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OpenStack nova-compute charm
qemu (Ubuntu)
Andrew McLeod

Bug Description


 * Libvirt (and other management software on top of qemu/kvm) probes
   capabilities of the current platform, this breaks on arm with the
   current builds making it unable to use KVM on this platform through the
   management stack.

 * The fix ensures that probing with -machine none won't break on
   platforms with different -cpu support (differs per platform)

[Test Case]

 * We will run the regression tests to cover any implications to !arm
 * The openstack Team will re-run their tests that uncovered the issue to
   confirm that execution on arm is not affected by the bug anymore (nor
   showing new issues).

[Regression Potential]

 * The fix only affects "-machine none" cases which are sort of exclusive
   for probing which was formerly broken. Therefore there should not be
   any regressions, but if any then on non-arm machines in rgard to that
   Any reboot of a machine with libvirt re-probing capabilities would
   reveal that - so we should be safe after testing is ok.

[Other Info]

 * n/a


bionic ussuri - arm64 (aarch64)

QEMU emulator version 4.2.0 (Debian 1:4.2-3ubuntu6.3~cloud0)

Error in log is: nova.exception.InternalError: Nova requires QEMU version 2.11.0 or greater

This error may be a red herring as this particular version of nova does not display capabilities for aarch64, only armv6l

If I downgrade to the version in the train cloud-archive (1:4.0+dfsg-0ubuntu9.8~cloud0) then nova-compute service starts - this problem is not present in focal, which also has version also has 1:4.2-3ubuntu6.3

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :
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carry over from IRC

<admcleod>»·just putting this here for tomorrow:
<cpaelzer>»·looked at the bug - doesn't ring a known bell
<cpaelzer>»·maybe a dependency change
<cpaelzer>»·so this is Ussuri - so we are talking about the Focal backported to Bionic here right?
<admcleod>»·bionic ussuri, right - focal ussuri works fine with that same version
<cpaelzer>»·also if you could compare dpkg -l 'qemu*' 'libvirt*' on the working focal-ussuri vs bionuc-ussuri
<admcleod>»·will do
<cpaelzer>»·I'm concerned if just an extra qemu-something-arm might be missing
<admcleod>»·heh right
<cpaelzer>»·and for arm that also includes packages like ovmf or such
<cpaelzer>»·what else then ovmf might come to ming ...
<cpaelzer>»·maybe just be brutal and Diff full `dpkg -l` among the systemd
<cpaelzer>»·in particular
<cpaelzer>»·your armv6l has this
<cpaelzer>»· <emulator>/usr/bin/qemu-system-arm</emulator>
<cpaelzer>»·whatever the good system has as emulator for aarch64 really needs to be there
<cpaelzer>»·also I've seen the capability prober processes fail, so if nothing of the above helps check the logs of libvirt for failing qemu processes
<admcleod>»·right if i downgrade to prev version
<admcleod>»·i do have <guest>
<admcleod>»· <os_type>hvm</os_type>
<admcleod>»· <arch name='armv7l'>
<admcleod>»· <wordsize>32</wordsize>
<admcleod>»· <emulator>/usr/bin/qemu-system-aarch64</emulator>
<admcleod> bionic has libvirt 6.0.0-0ubuntu8.2 and focal 6.0.0-0ubuntu8.3
<admcleod> nothing else obvious w qemu or libvirt packages
<cpaelzer> hmm
<cpaelzer> there were a few things I mentioned to james that need to be removed/reverted on backport
<cpaelzer> I mostly send these mails to allow my brain forgetting about them
* cpaelzer tries to search what I have mentioned there
<admcleod> yeah updating libvirt to that latest (...8.3) didnt work
<admcleod> there are no libvirt/qemu logs either
<admcleod> come tot hink about it, it feels as if there is a binary which reports the version and that aarch64 that is missing somehow
<admcleod> that how it 'feels'
<admcleod> .....without understanding how it 'works'
<cpaelzer> on startup libvirt probes for binaries of qemu
<cpaelzer> then it calls all...


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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :
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In further discussions and checks Andrew and I found:

Thread 1 "qemu-system-aar" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
strlen () at ../sysdeps/aarch64/strlen.S:94
94 ../sysdeps/aarch64/strlen.S: No such file or directory.

(gdb) bt
#0 strlen () at ../sysdeps/aarch64/strlen.S:94
#1 0x0000aaaaab04fd84 in qmp_query_cpu_model_expansion (type=<optimized out>, model=0xaaaaabcd91b0, errp=errp@entry=0xffffffffee60) at ./target/arm/monitor.c:140
#2 0x0000aaaaab0300a0 in qmp_marshal_query_cpu_model_expansion (args=<optimized out>, ret=0xffffffffef10, errp=0xffffffffef08) at ./b/qemu/qapi/qapi-commands-machine-target.c:183
#3 0x0000aaaaab412ba0 in do_qmp_dispatch (errp=0xffffffffef60, allow_oob=<optimized out>, request=<optimized out>, cmds=0xaaaaabcd92f0) at ./qapi/qmp-dispatch.c:132
#4 qmp_dispatch (cmds=0xaaaaabcd92f0, request=0xffffec006c70, allow_oob=<optimized out>) at ./qapi/qmp-dispatch.c:175
#5 0x0000aaaaab306850 in monitor_qmp_dispatch (mon=0xaaaaabcd91d0, req=<optimized out>) at ./monitor/qmp.c:145
#6 0x0000aaaaab307088 in monitor_qmp_bh_dispatcher (data=<optimized out>) at ./monitor/qmp.c:234
#7 0x0000aaaaab45eb00 in aio_bh_call (bh=0xaaaaabbf32c0) at ./util/async.c:89
#8 aio_bh_poll (ctx=ctx@entry=0xaaaaabbf1e80) at ./util/async.c:117
#9 0x0000aaaaab46243c in aio_dispatch (ctx=0xaaaaabbf1e80) at ./util/aio-posix.c:459
#10 0x0000aaaaab45e9d8 in aio_ctx_dispatch (source=<optimized out>, callback=<optimized out>, user_data=<optimized out>) at ./util/async.c:268
#11 0x0000fffff7d1bc30 in g_main_context_dispatch () from /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/
#12 0x0000aaaaab46147c in glib_pollfds_poll () at ./util/main-loop.c:219
#13 os_host_main_loop_wait (timeout=187650001905680) at ./util/main-loop.c:242
#14 main_loop_wait (nonblocking=<optimized out>) at ./util/main-loop.c:518
#15 0x0000aaaaab113330 in main_loop () at ./vl.c:1810
#16 0x0000aaaaaaed4bd0 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>, envp=<optimized out>) at ./vl.c:4492

Which is a reaction to the probing of caps like:
$ nc 4444
{"QMP": {"version": {"qemu": {"micro": 0, "minor": 2, "major": 4}, "package": "Debian 1:4.2-3ubuntu6.3~cloud0"}, "capabilities": ["oob"]}}
{ "execute": "qmp_capabilities" }
{"return": {}}

So it is passing a null pointer and breaking.

Not 100% that this "is it", but worth taking a look for sure

@Andrew - with debug symbols and backtrace it already makes more sense :-)

(gdb) frame 1
#1 0x0000aaaaab04fd84 in qmp_query_cpu_model_expansion (type=<optimized out>, model=0xaaaaabcd91b0, errp=errp@entry=0xffffffffee60) at ./target/arm/monitor.c:140
140 int len = strlen(cpu_type) - strlen(ARM_CPU_TYPE_SUFFIX);
(gdb) p cpu_type
$1 = 0x0

This is from current_machine->cpu_type

(gdb) p *current_machine
$3 = {parent_obj = {class = 0xaaaaabc1aa30, free = 0xfffff7d21680 <g_free>, properties = 0xaaaaabcc0cc0, ref = 2, parent = 0xaaaaabcc33d0}, sysbus_notifier = {
    notify = 0xaaaaab18f320 <machine_init_notify>, node = {le_next = 0xaaaaabadaf20 <chardev_machine_done_notify>, le_prev = 0xaaaaabb17558 <machine_init_don...


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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :


I don't yet see why you see this only in Bionic-ussuri and not Focal-ussuri thou ?!?

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Maybe what I found is a valid issue present in all qemu 4.2 builds we have, but not related to your initial struggle to get bionic-ussuri to run?

Could you please throw that patch on top of your B-ussuri builds and see if then everything magically works - or if we only fixed this issue, but not the "other" one blocking your system from recognizing aarch64 as valid arch to run KVM on.

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu):
status: New → Incomplete
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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Added an (so far incomplete) qemu task for tracking until we know if all 4.2 builds are affected and in which way.

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Andrew McLeod (admcleod) wrote :

Corey rebuilt qemu with the patch suggested - i've tested it on one machine and it has worked. I am going to retest on a fresh deployment but it looks good



This patch is already in 4.2.1

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

I had planned to work on the stable qemu already, but in a bit (closing out things for groovy feature freeze first).

This will be part of a focal SRU then - feel free to carry that in the cloud archive now if you want, you can drop it later then when rebasing to the latest version.

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Triaged
description: updated
Changed in qemu (Ubuntu Focal):
status: New → Triaged
Changed in qemu (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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Timo Aaltonen (tjaalton) wrote : Please test proposed package

Hello Andrew, or anyone else affected,

Accepted qemu into focal-proposed. The package will build now and be available at in a few hours, and then in the -proposed repository.

Please help us by testing this new package. See for documentation on how to enable and use -proposed. Your feedback will aid us getting this update out to other Ubuntu users.

If this package fixes the bug for you, please add a comment to this bug, mentioning the version of the package you tested, what testing has been performed on the package and change the tag from verification-needed-focal to verification-done-focal. If it does not fix the bug for you, please add a comment stating that, and change the tag to verification-failed-focal. In either case, without details of your testing we will not be able to proceed.

Further information regarding the verification process can be found at . Thank you in advance for helping!

N.B. The updated package will be released to -updates after the bug(s) fixed by this package have been verified and the package has been in -proposed for a minimum of 7 days.

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu Focal):
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
tags: added: verification-needed verification-needed-focal
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Ubuntu SRU Bot (ubuntu-sru-bot) wrote : Autopkgtest regression report (qemu/1:4.2-3ubuntu6.5)

All autopkgtests for the newly accepted qemu (1:4.2-3ubuntu6.5) for focal have finished running.
The following regressions have been reported in tests triggered by the package:

ubuntu-image/1.9+20.04ubuntu1 (amd64)
systemd/245.4-4ubuntu3.2 (amd64, armhf, s390x, ppc64el)
livecd-rootfs/2.664.4 (amd64, arm64, s390x, ppc64el)

Please visit the excuses page listed below and investigate the failures, proceeding afterwards as per the StableReleaseUpdates policy regarding autopkgtest regressions [1].


Thank you!

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

I've talked to Andrew, he will give this verification a shot on the hardware the issue was first seen.

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu Focal):
assignee: nobody → Andrew McLeod (admcleod)
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Andrew McLeod (admcleod) wrote :

i have finally verified this on focal - i am able to launch nova instances with 1:4.2-3ubuntu6.5

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Thank you Andrew, setting tags.

tags: added: verification-done verification-done-focal
removed: verification-needed verification-needed-focal
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Chris Halse Rogers (raof) wrote : Update Released

The verification of the Stable Release Update for qemu has completed successfully and the package is now being released to -updates. Subsequently, the Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team is being unsubscribed and will not receive messages about this bug report. In the event that you encounter a regression using the package from -updates please report a new bug using ubuntu-bug and tag the bug report regression-update so we can easily find any regressions.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package qemu - 1:4.2-3ubuntu6.5

qemu (1:4.2-3ubuntu6.5) focal; urgency=medium

  * further stabilize qemu by importing patches of qemu v4.2.1
    Fixes (LP: #1891203) and (LP: #1891877)
    - d/p/stable/lp-1891877-*
    - as part of the stabilization this also fixes an
      riscv emulation issue due to the CVE-2020-13754 fixes via
  * fix s390x SQXBR emulation (LP: #1883984)
    - d/p/ubuntu/lp-1883984-target-s390x-Fix-SQXBR.patch
  * fix -no-reboot for s390x protvirt guests (LP: #1890154)
    - d/p/ubuntu/lp-1890154-s390x-protvirt-allow-to-IPL-secure-guests-with-*

 -- Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden> Wed, 19 Aug 2020 13:40:49 +0200

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu Focal):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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