Do not define/configure lbaasv2 agents when deploying Octavia on Rocky+

Bug #1825906 reported by Drew Freiberger on 2019-04-22
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OpenStack neutron-gateway charm

Bug Description

In a typical deployment, neutron-gateway charm installs and configures neutron-lbaasv2-agent service and registers it as a service in the neutron database. However, when running Octavia, the haproxy backend for the neutron-lbaasv2-agent configuration is not updated to list octavia or the localhaproxy plugin that is configured on the neutron-api services when related to octavia.

neutron-gateway should get a relation to octavia as an lbaas-provider to update the neutron-lbaas.conf file with an octavia appropriate configuration and drop the neutron-lbaasv2-agent.

These installs also have a very large backup in rabbit queue n-lbaasv2-plugin from lbaasv2-agent trying to call the haproxy backend.

Reference cloud is Foundation Cloud running bionic-rocky on 19.04 charms with octavia enabled in lxd on juju 2.5.4/MAAS 2.5.x.

Frode Nordahl (fnordahl) wrote :

The behavior of keeping the lbaasv2-agent around on the ``neutron-gateway`` is intentional to support deployments migrating from the Neutron built in agent to Octavia.

When you add Octavia to the deployment and relate it to the ``neutron-api`` charm the Neutron API will be configured with the ``lbaasv2-proxy`` service which forwards any LBaaS requests to the Octavia API.

So in short after Octavia has been deployed all new loadbalancers will be created by Octavia and any existing load balancers already running on the gateways will be left untouched.

I can see this behavior might be unwanted when deploying a fresh cloud and we do intend to remove it altogether when the Neutron built-in support is removed upstream.

Could you share some more detail about what side effects you get from having it enabled and unused on the gateways, is it the message queue buildup the main issue or are there others too?

Drew Freiberger (afreiberger) wrote :

The message queue buildup, the log file accumulating errors that are invalid to the architecture, and the lbaasv2 agents showing as dead in neutron agent-list, which is alerted by openstack-service-checks

CRITICAL: Neutron agents enabled but down; net1[Loadbalancerv2 agent,48ec21c9-177c-46b3-b42a-e9f5a79d7265], net2[Loadbalancerv2 agent,d5d1ece8-7708-4d60-b435-d7c12c26bdc8]

This masks our ability to monitor other neutron agents that should be alive.

I can appreciate the continued inclusion of the neutron-lbaasv2-agent, but I would think we need to continue to include the haproxy backend as well for the agents to continue to work, or is the theory that the backend would be installed if the environment had been an upgrade rather than a fresh install and would not have been removed by the charm upgrade?

Drew Freiberger (afreiberger) wrote :

To reduce queue build-up and alerting, you can use the following:

juju run --unit rabbitmq-server/0 "rabbitmqctl set_policy -p openstack event-sample-overflow '^n-lbaasv2-plugin$' '{\"max-length\": 99 }' --apply-to queues --priority 1"
juju run --unit rabbitmq-server/0 "rabbitmqctl -p openstack list_queues name messages consumers state |grep n-lbaasv2-plugin"
juju config rabbitmq-server queue_thresholds="[['openstack', 'n-lbaasv2-plugin', 100, 100], ['\*', '\*', 100, 200]]"

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