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Bug #1812855 reported by Alvaro Uria
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* glance-sync-layer was forked from glance-sync-master's master branch from woutervb in November
* further work has been done on woutervb's glance-sync-master's functionaltest branch (in Dec)
* Unit tests have not been found on either branch
* functional tests from woutervb are meant to test "xenial" series, but all supported series (trusty, xenial, bionic) should be tested (create a template from bundle.yaml to render a specific bundle per series (including openstack-origin/source if needed, ie. cloud:xenial-queens or distro).

OTOH, I followed the README file on James glance-sync-layer and:
* all the manual steps need to be grouped to avoid missing any of them
# master
juju deploy glance-sync --config master_mode=true
juju add-relation glance-sync keystone
juju add-relation glance-sync mysql

# slave
juju deploy glance-sync --config sync_source='ubuntu@MASTER:/srv/glance_sync/data' master_creds='username=XX, password=XX, project=XXX, domain=XXX, region=XXX, auth_url=XXX'
juju add-relation glance-sync keystone
juju add-relation glance-sync mysql

# master
juju config glance-sync authorized_keys=$(base64 -w0 sshkeysfromslaves.txt)

FWIW, I found a couple of bugs:
* authorized_keys update doesn't do anything
* master_creds got updated twice. First time, it created /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml; However, the second time, it didn't update clouds.yaml (so password remained the old unusable one)
 - steps to reproduce: create master_creds without "project=XX", then config-changed will fail because of KeyError ("project" key not found in the dictionary), I then updated master_creds to include "project=XXX" but clouds.yaml didn't get updated.

Thank you,

PS: I think it would be nice to change metadata.yaml's "series" order from bionic to trusty (topdown) just because "juju deploy cs:glance-sync" choses the first series if none is selected. Currently, "trusty" would be chosen but it would be better if "bionic" was the default.

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James Hilling (jamesh5979) wrote :

When changing the contents defined within the 'authorized_keys' parameter, the updated contents will now get updated within the '/etc/ssh/authorized-keys/glance-sync-slaves' file on the unit.

When updating the 'master_creds' parameter after being first set, the updated values are now reflected within 'clouds.yaml' file on the unit.

The order of the "series" within 'metadata.yaml' now goes from bionic to trusty, (topdown).

James H

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Giuseppe Petralia (peppepetra) wrote :

The bugs cannot be reproduced. I am closing this as invalid and open specific ones to track missing tests.

Changed in charm-glance-sync:
status: New → Invalid
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