Comment 12 for bug 1671422

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 62613456e7a04ac348d4589145a550323dfa5a55
Author: James Page <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 9 12:59:06 2017 +0000

    Fix support for cinder ceph rbd on Ocata

    As of Ocata, the ceph key used to access a specific Cinder
    Ceph backend must match the name of the key used by cinder,
    with an appropriate secret configured for libvirt use with
    the cephx key used by the cinder-ceph charm.

    Add support for the new ceph-access relation to allow
    nova-compute units to communicate with multiple ceph
    backends using different cephx keys and user names.

    The lead cinder-ceph unit will generate a UUID for use in
    the cinder configuration file, and for use by the remote
    nova-compute units when configuring libvirt secrets,
    ensuring that both ends of the integration match up.

    The side effect of this change is that nova-compute will
    have a key for use with its own ephemeral backend ceph
    access, and a key for each cinder ceph backend configured
    in the deployment.

    Change-Id: I974ecb39132feddfffabd6dcef401e91b5548d05
    Closes-Bug: 1671422