Comment 7 for bug 1677543

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit df96346eb9ce729a58a57a96f756551c398068e0
Author: Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Aug 10 12:34:09 2017 +0100

    Enable worker-multiplier on manila

    This change draws on the charms.openstack and layer-openstack-api
    changes to provide the ability to configure the number of workers that
    the manila charm starts for API usage.

    It also:
     * Packages the manila charm into a venv. This is because the
       subordinate charms are ALSO reactive, which means that different
       versions of either charms.reactive or charms.openstack could be
       overwritten from the subordinate charm.
     * Band-aid an issue with manila-share not being started even though all
       of the config is properly set. This uses the update-status hook to
       check to see if the manila-share service should be running.
       (Bug: #1706699)
     * Work-around for a bug in python-manilaclient (Bug: #1707303) which
       caused basic_deployment test 400 to fail.

    Change-Id: I0ea0f14fb69bea5d2008ed70d72ba27c98c96679
    Depends-On: I3cea350e536306655f5f109ec67ae7f0fba35fda
    Depends-On: Id4145ffaa622727523003015d7012ece2f0eae4f
    Related-Bug: #1677543
    Partial-Bug: #1706699
    Related-Bug: #1707303