Comment 9 for bug 664229

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

The original request:

" should have a way to cancel your account if you want to leave Ubuntu SSO."

There is now: log into and the Personal details page has a "permanently delete account" link at the bottom. It gives you a dire warning of the consequences. Using it keeps the account record and the openid identifier, but marks them as inactive/deleted. The e-mail addresses associated with the account are removed so they can be reused in a new account.

"You should be able to create a new (fresh) account with the same email address at a later date... just in case you want to return to the service... we get a few Ubuntu One boomerang subscribers. Thanks!"

Per the above, this also works: a new account can be created with a previously-used email address.

From comment #6:

"During the cancellation process, the user should be presented with a firm warning that they will lose access to a number of other sites, with a complete list of all sites they have logged into via"

The current warning:

Please be aware that deleting your Ubuntu One account means you'll lose access to all your accounts tied to your Ubuntu One login. This means you won't be able to change their status or cancel any services associated.

Other services:
Landscape, Ubuntu wiki sites, Ubuntu Forum and AskUbuntu accounts won't be deleted, but you will lose access to those too. You should contact each team if you want to make sure each of those are eliminated too.

For more information check out: How can I delete my account.

Please take a moment to read through this page and make sure you understand the consequences of deleting your account before you confirm this action.

So I think that part is covered.

"The SSO front page shows the last 10 sites accessed, but not the full list."

The deletion page shows all sites associated with the account (wow, I first authenticated to in November 2009!).

"The cancellation process should also strongly encourage the user to close their other accounts first, then return to SSO after they've done so. We can make this easier by providing them with links to info about some of those accounts, such as Ubuntu One and Launchpad."

I'm not sure if the existing wording is to your satisfaction on this regard. In any case it'd be a matter of changing the text itself. If changes are desired I suggest opening another bug, since the core request for this one is already solved. Thanks!