Comment 22 for bug 1568889

On Apr 15, 2016, at 01:51 PM, Jean-Baptiste Lallement wrote:

>@Barry could anything be done to estimate the space required to do an
>upgrade and stop before proceeding instead of leaving the system in a
>broken state.

We could probably do some checks of the various file systems involved, but
it's difficult to know how much additional space will be consumed by an
update. The images do have a size parameter, but that's the size of the
compressed data files - they don't tell us anything about how much additional
space is required once they're unpacked and installed.

The other question is what to do if there's no space available. While I agree
that the current situation isn't at all great, if we don't have a way for the
user (or even better, the system) to mitigate space issues, then it doesn't
make the situation that much better. The device still won't successfully
update, although we would be able to tell them why. We might be able to solve
that problem more easily though, by having system settings inspect the
recovery log file for errors after a reboot.