Comment 43 for bug 1553328

(In reply to Ilia Mirkin from comment #14)
> NV94 is a tesla. Tesla is G80:MCP89 (aka nv50 family).

Right, my bad, I've got confused with the actual Tesla card.

> If you can make an apitrace that repros it for you consistently on replay
> that'd be incredibly useful. However I suspect there's more to it and a
> plain apitrace won't be able to repro the issue.

I gave it a spin today and the trace I gathered doesn't crash when replaying as you suggested. The bottom of the trace contains an incomplete glFlush() call followed by a glDrawArrays() which is also incomplete. I'll try grabbing more traces in the hope of finding one that reproduces the crash.

Alternatively if you have the appropriate hardware to reproduce I can walk you through how to build this stuff and reproduce yourself (it's a procedure that might take a few hours though, the full Firefox OS emulator build is *large*).