Comment 36 for bug 1553328

I can still reproduce on mesa 11.0.3 / libdrm 2.4.65 though it takes longer to trigger the bug (a few minutes of usage). This is the backtrace when using these versions of mesa and libdrm, it's somewhat different than the previous one but the bottom frames look the same:

#0 0xf67fc403 in pushbuf_kref () from /usr/lib32/
#1 0xf67fcc7f in pushbuf_validate () from /usr/lib32/
#2 0xf6c80f9b in nv50_flush () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#3 0xf69c93a4 in st_flush () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#4 0xf69c93f4 in st_glFlush () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#5 0xf6879b76 in _mesa_flush () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#6 0xf6879f19 in _mesa_make_current () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#7 0xf69fab96 in st_api_make_current () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#8 0xf6ac28f6 in dri_unbind_context () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#9 0xf6ac2337 in driUnbindContext () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#10 0xf73ff3b6 in dri2_unbind_context () from /usr/lib32/
#11 0xf73d89fb in glXMakeCurrentReadSGI () from /usr/lib32/
#12 0xf747a89c in EglOS::makeCurrent (dpy=0x8c13608, read=0x0, draw=0x0, ctx=0x0) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/EglX11Api.cpp:263
#13 0xf747eb11 in eglMakeCurrent (display=0x8c20e50, draw=0x0, read=0x0, context=0x0) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/EglImp.cpp:684
#14 0xf74b0787 in FrameBuffer::unbind_locked (this=0x8c20d68) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/libOpenglRender/FrameBuffer.cpp:790
#15 0xf74ad7f6 in ColorBuffer::create (p_width=320, p_height=266, p_internalFormat=6408) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/libOpenglRender/ColorBuffer.cpp:108
#16 0xf74b181f in FrameBuffer::createColorBuffer (this=0x8c20d68, p_width=320, p_height=266, p_internalFormat=6408)
    at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/libOpenglRender/FrameBuffer.cpp:489
#17 0xf74b7c2d in rcCreateColorBuffer (width=320, height=266, internalFormat=6408) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/libOpenglRender/RenderControl.cpp:215
#18 0xf74b9754 in renderControl_decoder_context_t::decode (this=0xc6301d5c, buf=0xacee6008, len=20, stream=0xc6300990)
    at out/host/linux-x86/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/lib_renderControl_dec_intermediates/renderControl_dec.cpp:245
#19 0xf74b8655 in RenderThread::Main (this=0xc6301d30) at sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/libOpenglRender/RenderThread.cpp:138
#20 0xf74cfc3d in osUtils::Thread::thread_main (p_arg=0xc6301d30) at sdk/emulator/opengl/shared/OpenglOsUtils/osThreadUnix.cpp:83
#21 0xf7f9811f in start_thread () from /lib32/
#22 0xf7d6079e in clone () from /lib32/