Comment 18 for bug 1508363

Zsombor Egri (zsombi) wrote :


You are right, there is one header per application. Which means that all pages in an application use that header. However that would be broken when you'd use the AdaptivePageLayout, which has as many headers as columns. Therefore we are preparing to move the header in the page, so each page will get a header of its own. Yet we have both solutions in place, thats' why you still see a header even if you don't set one on the Page.

So, in the future of 1.3, you will have to set the header of the page yourself. Which means there will be as many headers as many pages require one. The one from MainView will disappear once we finish all the work we have for the header and its subcomponents.

When you say "With the updated imports to UITK 1.3 we are unable to do things like the following: edgeLoader.item.flickable.contentY = -page.header.height" - I am sorry to say that the Page.header property was never documented, and used for private purposes. We do not promise any compatibility for private or undocumented properties, especially when the property comes from a super type, which is also internal. Whilst it is a regression, switching to 1.3 would anyways require you to go with the way I described before - specifying the header for your page within the page.