Comment 1 for bug 1446893

lgd (lgd) wrote :

The new ext4 encryption since kernel 4.1 is a option to implement it for the home partition. It is simple for folders. But it needs an automated decryption with the login screen with the PIN or password question. And it needs a option in the first welcome dialog.

It would be great for a milestone for this Ubuntu Touch with base of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Or maybe for the first convergence device but I think for this it is to late to implement this kernel. At the end of this page are some examples for "ext4-crypt create folder" and so on:

It is still early stuff but maybe in kernel 4.2 and so on it's better integrated. Please verify one way to encrypt in a future release of one of the development channels when kernel 4.1 and higher is integrated. So you could test it early and make it more stable for the stable channels or give users of development channels a choice. Maybe it is saver to integrate ecryptfs from the Ubuntu desktop edition for now?

But many power users of your phone have a need for a security solution in the next 6-9 months or so. It is standard in Android 5, too.