Suggestion: Enhance keyboard shortcuts in library view

Bug #789679 reported by Brooks Cutter on 2011-05-28
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Bug Description

In the library view I'd like to use the following shortcuts:

HOME - take me to the top of the library (list of books indexed)
END - take me to the bottom of the library

arrow keys and page up/down work, but not home/end.

Brooks Cutter (brooksc) wrote :

home/end didn't work per calibre 0.8.3

The shortcuts are Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End

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Changed in calibre:
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Better Red (urbanetiger) wrote :

Kovid, I was about to ask for something else, when launchpad suggested this item regarding this request…

Control+Home/End shows the first/last page of books, but they do not make the first/last book 'current', other than using the mouse I can’t find a way of achieving that outcome

Maybe Alt+Home/End could show the the first/last page and also make the first/last book current.

Also Ctrl+End does a full right horizontal scroll (i.e. what End key does), which can be a bit disconcerting - I lose sight of Title & Author. Ctrl/Home does a full left scroll but that doesn't bother me so much.

Now to my reason for being here - could we have a keyboard short cut to return Focus to the current selection in the book list - similar to Focus the Search Bar - maybe 'L' for List

I use the context menu a lot via the Menu key.

There are various circumstances where the current list item loses focus - eg scroll the book details panel with the mouse wheel.

To use the context menu key on the current book which is in 'half highlight' state I have to tap Tab repeatedly (as many as 23 taps or 15 Shift/Tab taps) to give it 'full focus' so that I can tap the Menu key to do something useful - Count pages, Modify, Open With etc .

Thanks BR

Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

Press the left or right arrow keys after Ctrl+Home/End if you want to
change the current book. Pressing Tab a few times will typically return
focus to the book list if it is elesewhere in the window.

Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

I have added code to rpeserve the horizontal scroll position when using

Better Red (urbanetiger) wrote :

Thanks for the left/right arrow tip, that works fine, and for the horizontal scroll fix - but they were not my main concern

I wouldn't regard two dozen Tab key presses, or more than a dozen Shift/Tab presses 'a few times'. I would call that 'a lot of times'.

The number of tabs varies dependant upon how many live items - blue clickable text - I have in Book Details. If I have five formats that's five tabs, plus the author and Press to Open, plus one for each ID... I might also have 2-4 file links, plus half a dozen web links in Book details - everyone of which is an an item in the Tab Order list.

It seems incongruous to me that I can "Open the advanced search dialog" with Shift+Ctrl+F, yet I have to press Tab a couple of dozen times to return focus to the Main book list.

I can press '/' to get to the search bar. and then 7 Tabs to get to the book list. But if I mis-cue and press 'Q' then I overtype the current search term, and then I can end up searching for all the books with a 'Q'.


Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

Just hit Esc and the book list will have keyboard focus. The only
downside is that it will als clear the curren search (if any). For the
next release I'll add Shift+Esc that wont clear the current search. And
Ctrl+Esc to clear the current Virtual Library.

Better Red (urbanetiger) wrote :

Aaah, that's the issue - I am almost always in a search of some kind. Escape throws me back to 20K books and I have to do the search again - if I did a content search via the OS that means running Import List again, that's not great hardship - just a nuisance.

Shift Escape will do me nicely - anything's better than 23 Tabs :lol:

Thanks - BR

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