Comment 3 for bug 769466

2011.04.23. 13:59 keltezéssel, Charles Haley írta:
> The last modified date should not display as 01 Jan 00 unless the book
> was changed on 1 Jan 2000 (or 1900 or 1800).
> Questions:
> 1) Does the date change if you modify the metadata?
> 2) Does every newly added book have that date?
> 3) What do you see if you change the template in the Last Modified column to "dd MMM yyyy". The easiest way to change the template is to click in the last modified column, press F2, change the template, then press OK.

thanks for the quick response.

1, Yes, the date changes to today's date.
2, I just added a new book. That books displays today's date in the last
modified column.
3, The dates change to 01 jan. 2000. I made a clean install at the end
of October 2010 (I didn't have the program on my laptop before) and
updated it regularly. The earliest unmodified book has the date of 06
Nov. 2010 and the last modified column reads 01 jan. 2000.
I have a dual boot laptop (Ubuntu and XP) and I also installed the
program to Ubuntu. I used the same library on both (the calibre book
library is on an external hard drive), but haven't opened the library in
Ubuntu since the 0.7.2 something update. I always used the windows program.