books saved in wrong directory on nook 4e

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When sending a book from Calibre library to the device, Calibre creates a folder called "My Files" in the root directory and places the books in there. Nook does not search that folder and does not read any of the books placed there. However, if I move the books over to the folder called "NOOK" in the root directory, then it works. I can't find a way to set the default directory for a device in Calibre settings. Calibre works fine with a much older nook device I have, so I guess at some point nook software settings changed but Calibre either doesn't have a separate profile for newer nook devices or doesn't correctly recognize the device.
Using latest version of Calibre (6.5.0 64-bit) on Win 10.

Serge N (cerbervs)
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Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

You can right click on the device icon in calibre and choose "Configure
this device". Is this an MTP based device? If so, if you send me the USB
ids for the device I can add detection for it to calibre.


calibre-debug -d

in a command prompt with the nook connected and send me the output

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Serge N (cerbervs) wrote :
Download full text (4.0 KiB)

Here is the debug log. The device ID for nook is the one that shows up in that output - 2080/000e/4.09.

calibre 6.5 embedded-python: True
Windows-10-10.0.19041-SP0 Windows ('64bit', 'WindowsPE')
('Windows', '10', '10.0.19041')
Python 3.10.1
Windows: ('10', '10.0.19041', 'SP0', 'Multiprocessor Free')
Interface language: None
USB devices on system:
(USBDevice(vendor_id=0xb05 product_id=0x18f3 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0b05&pid_18f3&rev_0100 devinst=2),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc08b bcd=0x2703 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c08b&rev_2703&mi_00 devinst=3),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0xd8c product_id=0x12 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0d8c&pid_0012&rev_0100&mi_00 devinst=4),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub30&vid1022&pid149c&rev0000 devinst=5),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub30&vid1022&pid149c&rev0000 devinst=6),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x1b1c product_id=0xc0a bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_1b1c&pid_0c0a&rev_0100 devinst=7),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1211 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1211&mi_00 devinst=8),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x1b1c product_id=0x1b09 bcd=0x109 devid=usb\vid_1b1c&pid_1b09&rev_0109 devinst=9),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc08b bcd=0x2703 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c08b&rev_2703&mi_01 devinst=10),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0xb05 product_id=0x18f3 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0b05&pid_18f3&rev_0100&mi_00 devinst=11),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0xd8c product_id=0x12 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0d8c&pid_0012&rev_0100 devinst=12),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1211 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1211&mi_01 devinst=13),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc08b bcd=0x2703 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c08b&rev_2703 devinst=14),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1211 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1211&mi_02 devinst=15),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub30&vid1022&pid149c&rev0000 devinst=16),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1211 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1211 devinst=17),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0xb05 product_id=0x18f3 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0b05&pid_18f3&rev_0100&mi_02 devinst=18),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0xd8c product_id=0x12 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0d8c&pid_0012&rev_0100&mi_03 devinst=19),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x1b1c product_id=0x1b09 bcd=0x109 devid=usb\vid_1b1c&pid_1b09&rev_0109&mi_02 devinst=20),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x1b1c product_id=0x1b09 bcd=0x109 devid=usb\vid_1b1c&pid_1b09&rev_0109&mi_01 devinst=21),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x1b1c product_id=0x1b09 bcd=0x109 devid=usb\vid_1b1c&pid_1b09&rev_0109&mi_00 devinst=22),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x2080 product_id=0xe bcd=0x409 devid=usb\vid_2080&pid_000e&rev_0409 devinst=23))

No disabled plugins
Looking for devices of type: MTP_DEVICE
List of WPD PNP ids:
No suitable MTP devices found

Looking for devices of type: SMART_DEVICE_APP
No IP addresses found
No device is connected

Looking for devices...
USBDevice(vendor_id=0x2080 product_id=0xe bcd=0x40...


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Serge N (cerbervs) wrote :

For reference, my older Nook device shows up as 2080/0003/2.16 instead

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Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote : Fixed in master

Fixed in branch master. The fix will be in the next release. calibre is usually released every alternate Friday.

 status fixreleased

Changed in calibre:
status: New → Fix Released
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Serge N (cerbervs) wrote :

Hey, I just got to testing this out.
It works but I'd love it if you could adjust it a bit further. In the Nook interface's library view, there's a filter to view "all types", "books", or "my files". Books sent through Calibre show up under "my files". This corresponds to files being placed into "NOOK/My Files" folder on the device. And putting files into the "NOOK/Books" folder makes them appear under the "books" view. Books downloaded through the Nook store show up under "books" as well (though they seem to be stored somewhere else). I would love if Calibre used the "NOOK/Books" path instead of the current one of "NOOK/My Files/Books" but it's purely cosmetic effect as I can now view Calibre-transferred books on the device.

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Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

sure, next release.

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