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Gremious Grenald (gremious-gremy) wrote :

Very odd interactions with highlits - some are just being removed, some jump around, some expand the text they're supposed to be highlighting.


Version: 5.25 (64 bit)
OS: Windows 10
File (Public Domain):


Steps to reproduce:

1. Download the ebook and skip to "Part 1" (I do it via ToC jump, don't know if it matters).

2. At the start of the third paragraph, select the text "Labor is not the source of all wealth.", press highlight and write some text/choose any color.

3. Immediatelly after, select the next sentence ("Nature is just as [...] labor power.") and highlight it as well, adding a note as well.

4. Press f5 to refresh (or jump to a note from the sidebar; move back and forth from ToC);

Expected result: Nothing changes.
Actual result: The second sentence highlight is suddenly expanded.

5 (bonus). If you now delete the first highlight, and refresh once again, the second highlight will expand even more.


Things I've tried:

Checking/Unchecking "Keep a copy of annotations/bookmarks in the e-book file, for easy sharing" setting. Does not seem to affec it (so not a duplicate of 1934793)

Checking/Unchecking flow and paginated mode.

Reinstalling calibre, redownloading the book, running `ebook-viewer` locally set cache.

Deleting the calbre bookmarks file in the epub.

Deleting the italics/style of that paragraph (though seperately).

Asking a friend with a fresh copy of calibre to reproduce (successfully, not just my machine)


Steps to reproduce a highlight being just deleted:

Repeat the steps above, except for step 3, instead select the second to last sentence in this paragraph ("The bourgeois [...] conditions of labor.");

Once you hit refresh it will just be gone. Seomtimes the first one moves too. If you click "modify this highlight" in the sidebar, it'll give you the "Error: Highlight text missing".


More oddities:

Highlighting the second sentence first, and then the first one just works.

There's a couple extra weird interactions with highlights in that paragraph, feel free to experiment. (try highlighting the second sentence to include the space before it (i.e. so they "connect". 1st word + 2nd word makes it go weird as well iirc just moves the second highlight somewhere within the paragraph).

Double-clicking the expanded highlight, re-pressing highlight, changing nothing and pressing apply expands it even more.