[Enhancement]Tag Manager edits lost with Find

Bug #1836813 reported by DGEbel on 2019-07-16
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Bug Description

The Tag Manager Find function is a little too... enthusiastic.
I keep losing my Tag Manager edits when I accidentally hit Enter twice in a row while editing tags. I've done this too many times to count. SO frustrating!

Current functionality:
- Any time the user is not editing a field, if the user presses the Enter key, a Find operation is automatically executed.
- Problem: A fresh Find is performed even when the user has changed names of tags, and the user's changes are lost when the new search is performed.

Suggested solution(s):
1. if the Cancel or Find function is attempted and if any displayed tags have been changed, then prompt the user to Confirm whether the system should apply the modifications or discard the changes.

2. Alternate solution: system does not automatically perform a new search whenever Enter is pressed and no field has focus. i.e. focus/cursor must be in the Search field or on Find in order to perform a Find.

3. Consider adding an Apply button for when the user wants to make multiple changes which are not displayed in a single Find results list, especially if option 2 is chosen.

4. SECOND alternative (less attractive): all changes are immediately written upon first press of Enter while editing a field/loss of focus from the tag field. Functions like main window, but it's a dialog box, so... less intuitive that changes are immediately made, since there's an OK & Cancel button. Should eliminate the Cancel button if doing this though, just make a single Close button.

5. THIRD alternative... (or maybe this should be a separate request? depends, this change would likely be enough of a solution to remove the search "sting") Change function-on-Enter-key to EDIT instead of Search. I.e. if a tag is highlighted, pressing Enter will do the same as a double-click - change the tag field to EDIT mode. This would be REALLY nice, as it would allow mouse-free editing of a large list of tags.
  This is something I continually forget - Calibre doesn't allow Enter to edit a field, really wish it would do so. (Is there a function somewhere to change Enter behaviour to edit for the main window instead of next field? Tab is really the correct key for that. Enter should ENTER the field for editing and exiting/saving)

- User types "Fiction" into the Search field and presses Enter
- system displays:

  General Fiction
  Juvenile Fiction
  Science Fiction
  Women's Fiction
  Young Adult Fiction

- user double-clicks General Fiction, changes to Fiction, presses Enter
- user double-clicks Young Adult Fiction, changes to Fiction, Young Adult, presses Enter
- user presses Enter again while Women's Fiction is highlighted
  (accidentally, or mis-thinking it should go into edit mode again)
  -> system CURRENTLY does a search operation on "Fiction" again, all changes lost
  => system SHOULD either do nothing, go into edit mode of the tag or offer Apply dialog box.

DGEbel (dgebel) wrote :

Doh. Forgot about using F2 to edit without a mouse. Still wish Enter would do that.

Which tag editor dialog is this? The one whose window title reads

Category editor (Tags)

And on what OS? And what version of calibre? On my linux machine
pressing enter twice after editing a cell does nothing.

DGEbel (dgebel) wrote :

Sorry, I tried so hard to make it complete. Doh!

This is the Windows version, Portable.
On Windows 10 64 bit Home
Latest version of Calibre - oops. not quite, new version is out... I'll verify after I get the new version installed but this has always been the functioning for at least the couple of years I've used Calibre.
Yes. It is the "Category editor (Tags)" page - i.e. Tags, Right-click Manage Tags

Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

Ah I think I understand what you are saying, if you have a search for
XYZ and edit XYZ to make it ABC and then press Enter twice XYZ
disappears from the list, because he search is re-applied. Note that the
edit you made is not lost, simply hidden, clear the search and you will
see it again. The simplest solution is to just have the tag list retain
keyboard focus after editing completes and to have the search also
search the was column for the original name.

Fixed in branch master. The fix will be in the next release. calibre is usually released every alternate Friday.

 status fixreleased

Changed in calibre:
status: New → Fix Released
DGEbel (dgebel) wrote :

Oh! I guess I made a lot of unnecessary re-edits in that case.
Yes, that sounds like a great plan, thanks so very much for such a fast turn-around!

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