Comment 1 for bug 1831358

David Friedman (davidfriedman) wrote :

This is a repeat of a report I just sent you, because I realized that I had forgotten to add the attachment.

I am converting a docx book to epub. The book has some mathematical formulas with subscripts. Subscripts that are the same size in docx end up as substantially different sizes in the epub.

Calibre 3.44
OSX 10.14.5

An example of the problem is on p. 572 of the docx:

S1 + S2 = (P'A - PA)Q'A + (PW - P'W)Q'W (Equation 3)

Equations 1 and 2 imply that:

 Q'W = Q'A(P'A-t)/P'W ) = Q'A (PA/PW)

P'A is actually P'subscript A, similarly for the rest of the formula.

In docx, all of the subscripts are Cambria Math 12 point italic

On the epub, the subscripts in the first equation are substantially larger than those in the second.

The report form doesn't seem to let me attach more than one file, so I am attaching the docx. I'll be happy to send you the epub as well if you wish.

<email address hidden>

While I am at it, here is a more minor bug that I might as well also report.

on p. 652 there is the following:
pays to lower it. So the optimal temperature from your standpoint is T*.

Identical Apartments, Different Tenants. To make the problem more interesting, I
Note the blank line between the line that starts with "pays" and the line that starts with "identical". On the epub, that blank line is missing.

A blank line is also missing near the following quotes:

As a special favor to our customers

Well, I says, "Mr. Moffett ditto before

i. There is some coalition C ditto