Comment 3 for bug 1830101

Duane Salmon (dsalmon) wrote :

David, thanks for responding,

The firmware version of the Kobo Touch is 1.95 and yes, as you suspected, it's a very early one with no updates. That is because I do not use Kobo accounts or factory defaults.
Yes, it has worked before, in fact it has worked for many years (1st generation Kobo Touch).

Here is the story - I have been getting the error message for a long time (possibly over a year) but the books always transfer to the reader and everything worked fine aside from having to start Calibre as administrator. Recently I noticed that the page turns have been getting increasingly slower so I upgraded to Calibre 3.42.0 and installed the KoboTouchExtended plugin. This solved my slow page turns but now book covers are not being displayed on the device.

It is possible that the two problems are not related.

No other USB devices were attached to my laptop while I tried to debug. No other msg displayed.