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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

I think you are saying that the device is hanging when you are reading a book sent to it from calibre. Is that correct? If so, it is more likely that the problem is on the device, not in calibre.

What I would suggest is to sideload a book without using calibre and see what happens. Get a clean epub from somewhere, connect the device without calibre running and copy the book to the device. Eject the device and try and open the book. If that fails, it is not a calibre issue and I would suggest talking to Kobo about it or discussing it in the Kobo forum at MobileRead (

If this works OK, and the problem is only when using calibre to sideload, then is the problem just some books? Or any book? Can you read the book after the device restarts? And when exactly does it hang? After disconnecting? When opening the book? Some other time?