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With what credential do you test?

Am 11.11.2019 um 13:01 schrieb Kovid Goyal <email address hidden>:

I just tried heise it works fine.

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Status in calibre:

Bug description:
 # Calibre Version:
 Calibre 3.23.0 - OS X Version.
 (Testet with 3.10 too, same result).

 # Hint:

 Maybe "Süddeutsche Zeitung" changed something

 ---8<--- Snip Snip Snip ---8<---

 # Call and Log:

 Süddeutsche Zeitung
 Erstellt von Darko Miletic
 News from Germany. Access to paid content.

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 After pressing the Button "Jetzt downloaden" - Waiting -pressing the Button "Speichern" -> nothing happend.
 The log says:

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 calibre, version 3.23.0 (darwin, embedded-python: True)
 Konvertierungsfehler: Fehlgeschlagen: Nachrichten abrufen von Süddeutsche Zeitung

 Nachrichten abrufen von Süddeutsche Zeitung
 Conversion options changed from defaults:
   output_profile: u'kindle_oasis'
   verbose: 2
 Resolved conversion options
 calibre version: 3.23.0
 {'asciiize': False,
  'author_sort': None,
  'authors': None,
  'base_font_size': 0,
  'book_producer': None,
  'change_justification': 'original',
  'chapter': None,
  'chapter_mark': 'pagebreak',
  'comments': None,
  'cover': None,
  'debug_pipeline': None,
  'dehyphenate': True,
  'delete_blank_paragraphs': True,
  'disable_font_rescaling': False,
  'dont_compress': False,
  'dont_download_recipe': False,
  'duplicate_links_in_toc': False,
  'embed_all_fonts': False,
  'embed_font_family': None,
  'enable_heuristics': False,
  'expand_css': False,
  'extra_css': None,
  'extract_to': None,
  'filter_css': None,
  'fix_indents': True,
  'font_size_mapping': None,
  'format_scene_breaks': True,
  'html_unwrap_factor': 0.4,
  'input_encoding': None,
  'input_profile': <calibre.customize.profiles.InputProfile object at 0x11874d390>,
  'insert_blank_line': False,
  'insert_blank_line_size': 0.5,
  'insert_metadata': False,
  'isbn': None,
  'italicize_common_cases': True,
  'keep_ligatures': False,
  'language': None,
  'level1_toc': None,
  'level2_toc': None,
  'level3_toc': None,
  'line_height': 0,
  'linearize_tables': False,
  'lrf': False,
  'margin_bottom': 5.0,
  'margin_left': 5.0,
  'margin_right': 5.0,
  'margin_top': 5.0,
  'markup_chapter_headings': True,
  'max_toc_links': 50,
  'minimum_line_height': 120.0,
  'mobi_file_type': 'old',
  'mobi_ignore_margins': False,
  'mobi_keep_original_images': False,
  'mobi_toc_at_start': False,
  'no_chapters_in_toc': False,
  'no_inline_navbars': True,
  'no_inline_toc': False,
  'output_profile': <calibre.customize.profiles.KindleOasisOutput object at 0x11874db10>,
  'page_breaks_before': None,
  'personal_doc': '[PDOC]',
  'prefer_author_sort': False,
  'prefer_metadata_cover': False,
  'pretty_print': False,
  'pubdate': None,
  'publisher': None,
  'rating': None,
  'read_metadata_from_opf': None,
  'remove_fake_margins': True,
  'remove_first_image': False,
  'remove_paragraph_spacing': False,
  'remove_paragraph_spacing_indent_size': 1.5,
  'renumber_headings': True,
  'replace_scene_breaks': '',
  'search_replace': None,
  'series': None,
  'series_index': None,
  'share_not_sync': False,
  'smarten_punctuation': False,
  'sr1_replace': '',
  'sr1_search': '',
  'sr2_replace': '',
  'sr2_search': '',
  'sr3_replace': '',
  'sr3_search': '',
  'start_reading_at': None,
  'subset_embedded_fonts': False,
  'tags': None,
  'test': False,
  'timestamp': None,
  'title': None,
  'title_sort': None,
  'toc_filter': None,
  'toc_threshold': 6,
  'toc_title': None,
  'transform_css_rules': None,
  'unsmarten_punctuation': False,
  'unwrap_lines': True,
  'use_auto_toc': False,
  'verbose': 2}
 Python function terminated unexpectedly: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
 InputFormatPlugin: Recipe Input running
 Using custom recipe
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/Applications/", line 154, in main
     return run_entry_point()
   File "/Applications/", line 114, in run_entry_point
     return getattr(pmod, func)()
   File "site-packages/calibre/utils/ipc/", line 195, in main
   File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/convert/", line 26, in gui_convert
   File "site-packages/calibre/ebooks/conversion/", line 1088, in run
   File "site-packages/calibre/customize/", line 245, in __call__
   File "site-packages/calibre/ebooks/conversion/plugins/", line 119, in convert
   File "site-packages/calibre/web/feeds/", line 1018, in download
   File "site-packages/calibre/web/feeds/", line 1185, in build_index
   File "<string>", line 97, in parse_index
   File "site-packages/calibre/web/feeds/", line 675, in index_to_soup
   File "site-packages/mechanize/", line 239, in open_novisit
   File "site-packages/mechanize/", line 310, in _mech_open
 mechanize._response.httperror_seek_wrapper: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

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