Comment 9 for bug 1766762

Hi Charles,
Using os Windows 7, Calibre 3.24.2 copied from tweaks folder:

#: Order of custom column(s) in edit metadata

metadata_edit_custo000m_column_order = ['#rl1974', '#rl1221', '#sito',
'#merged_sito_in_the_cloud', '#readstatus', '#booksource', '#dateadded',
'#kindle', '#grdateadded', '#exclusiveshelf', '#book_style', '#genre',
'#dateread', '#grdateread', '#latest_read_date', '#rc', '#calibrelibrary',
'#details', '#currentbookshelves', '#all_book_sources', '#libdup', '#hide',
'#kobo', '#cleaned', '#bookshelves', '#all_the_read_dates',]

Was able to recreate the "read status" compression problem and I have
included a screenshot of the look and feel font settings at 12 (although
the problem was resolved at 10). Screenshots of the various edit metadata
gui (compact, default, all on one tab) these were shown while the font was
at 12. Also sent in a resolved screenshot at font 10

Finally, I added a bug log from when the font sizes was 12, but didn't add
the one that was created when the problem was resolved. Hopefully this
will give you all the info you need.

On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 2:22 AM, Charles Haley <email address hidden>

> Still can't reproduce it with the information given, trying 3 different
> font sizes. See the attached screen capture.
> Could you give me:
> - the text of the column order tweak?
> - the actual font you are using?
> - the OS and calibre version you are ruinning?
> For the last one, the OS etc, best would be to post the beginning of a
> calibre debug log. That will also show if there is some DPI scaling
> going on. I don't have any idea why that might affect something, but it
> would be good to know.
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> Title:
> Edit Metadata glitch has column "Read Status" not showing properly
> Status in calibre:
> Incomplete
> Bug description:
> After resetting the order of columns in the edit metadata my "read
> status" column is taking up two rows for the label to the left of the
> fixed response column, when all the other columns have their labels on
> one row. This leaves my edit metadata with a partially missing label.
> Attached screenshot highlighting the column in the bulk metadata
> view, I also have the individual book view but I can seem to only
> attach one file.
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