Comment 0 for bug 1726004

Nobahdi Atoll (nobahdi-atoll) wrote :

When connecting my Android Tablet for the first time it asks me if I want to configure the device for use with calibre. I obviously do so I click yes and instead of allowing me to configure it does a 3 hour scan before I can tell it not to scan the folders that are going to make it take 3 hours (38GB Intenally/ 22GB on SD) of comic files that I don't want calibre to manage in fact I only want calibre to read from a single folder designated for my eBook files (convieniently named 'eBooks) instead it reads 128 GB of my device (very slowly i might add taking 3-4 Hours) before allowing me to configure ANYTHING at all... now this is fine now that I've got it configured, but I suggest when a new device is detected it should be configured before it is scanned. Or at least I would imagine that should be the logical way to do things to avoid uneccessary scanning.

Would it be possible to pop up the device configuration directly after selecting to manage device with calibre?

P.S. I still have another 2 rounds of 3-4 hour scans to go through with A) My Windows PC (after having finished scanning on my Debian box), and B) My work PC So you can see how this is an inconvienience.