Won't connect to itunes

Bug #1627515 reported by Theodore J Bickley
This bug affects 1 person
Affects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone
Wulf C. Krueger

Bug Description

After update to itunes, Calibre 2.68 won't connect to itunes. I tried reinstalling 2.68 but no change. Nothing happens when clicking "Connect to itunes" from the Connect/Share tab.
OS Win10 Checked to see if itunes was on an ignored list, but it is not.

ran debug got this result

calibre 2.68 embedded-python: True is64bit: False
Windows-8-6.2.9200 Windows ('32bit', 'WindowsPE')
('Windows', '8', '6.2.9200')
Python 2.7.9
Windows: ('8', '6.2.9200', '', 'Multiprocessor Free')
Successfully initialized third party plugins: DeDRM (6, 0, 9) && Goodreads (1, 1, 11) && Barnes & Noble (1, 2, 14)
USB devices on system:
(USBDevice(vendor_id=0x4a9 product_id=0x175b bcd=0x201 devid=usb\vid_04a9&pid_175b&rev_0201&mi_01 devinst=1),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x45e product_id=0xf5 bcd=0x101 devid=usb\vid_045e&pid_00f5&rev_0101 devinst=2),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x45e product_id=0xf5 bcd=0x101 devid=usb\vid_045e&pid_00f5&rev_0101&mi_01 devinst=3),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x451 product_id=0x1446 bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0451&pid_1446&rev_0100 devinst=4),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x45e product_id=0xf5 bcd=0x101 devid=usb\vid_045e&pid_00f5&rev_0101&mi_00 devinst=5),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub&vid1045&pidc861&rev0010 devinst=6),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x4a9 product_id=0x175b bcd=0x201 devid=usb\vid_04a9&pid_175b&rev_0201&mi_02 devinst=7),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub&vid8086&pid27c8&rev0001 devinst=8),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x409 product_id=0x5a bcd=0x100 devid=usb\vid_0409&pid_005a&rev_0100 devinst=9),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub&vid8086&pid27ca&rev0001 devinst=10),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1203 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1203&mi_00 devinst=11),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub&vid8086&pid27cb&rev0001 devinst=12),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1203 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1203 devinst=13),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1203 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1203&mi_01 devinst=14),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x4a9 product_id=0x175b bcd=0x201 devid=usb\vid_04a9&pid_175b&rev_0201 devinst=15),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub&vid8086&pid27c9&rev0001 devinst=16),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x4a9 product_id=0x175b bcd=0x201 devid=usb\vid_04a9&pid_175b&rev_0201&mi_00 devinst=17),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=0x46d product_id=0xc52b bcd=0x1203 devid=usb\vid_046d&pid_c52b&rev_1203&mi_02 devinst=18),
 USBDevice(vendor_id=None product_id=None bcd=None devid=usb\root_hub20&vid8086&pid27cc&rev0001 devinst=19))

No disabled plugins
Looking for devices of type: MTP_DEVICE
The Windows WPD service says there are no portable devices connected

Looking for devices of type: SMART_DEVICE_APP
All IP addresses {'{1F201A6A-A3BD-4220-B5BF-00FCF2FFDBC8}': [{'addr': '', 'broadcast': '', 'netmask': ''}], '{AB011DD9-7FD9-11E6-9448-806E6F6E6963}': [{'addr': '', 'broadcast': '', 'netmask': ''}]}
No device is connected

Looking for devices...

Devices possibly connected: None

Tags: apple-driver
Revision history for this message
Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote : Re: calibre bug 1627515

Changing the component for this bug.

 assignee philantrop
 tag apple-driver
 status triaged

Changed in calibre:
assignee: nobody → Wulf C. Krueger (philantrop)
status: New → Triaged
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