[Enhancement] An easy way to add an unwanted multitued of tags to a Remove rule

Bug #1568376 reported by JP on 2016-04-09
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I've worked with Tag Mapper a lot now. I hope you can come up with an easy way to add a Tag to a Remove rule that doesn't require "manually" opening Tag Mapper and adding or editing an existing Remove rule.

It occurs to me that the database structure would prevent this as a "default" type action, so I believe the easiest method would be:

1- Manage Tags
2- multi-select desired labels (as can currently be done to delete multiple tags)
3- click a newly created button to generate a comma separated text string of the unwanted selected tags (ie, unwanted tag 1, get rid of me, deleteme) that the user can easily copy/paste into a rule through Tag Mapper (normal method after the string is generated).

To be clear, I've tried the copy/paste one by one into a text file that I then copy/paste into the rule all at once. I've also typed a lot, but I'm sure you can imagine that hundreds and hundreds of tags becomes completely inefficient to do this way....and they don't match patterns to eliminate.

I've just realized such a generated text string could be helpful for ANY Tag Mapper rules since the user can just paste it as needed.

Thank you for your consideration.

JP (jecilop) on 2016-04-09
description: updated
description: updated
JP (jecilop) on 2016-04-09
summary: - [Enhancement] An easy way to add unwanted a multitued of tags to a
+ [Enhancement] An easy way to add an unwanted multitued of tags to a
Remove rule
description: updated
Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

I dont see how one could possibly modify a tag mapping rule without manually opening the tag mapper, at least until computers learn to read their users minds.

As for managing a large group of tags, I would maintain a text file with one tag on each line followed by a comma, sorted in alphabetical order -- and then simply copy paste the lot into the edit field for the rule. I cannot imagine a more efficient method for maintaining a list of tags than that.

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JP (jecilop) wrote :

My request started as an "auto" function, but I realized it either isn't possible to make this or just too complicated. Then I modified it requesting what I thought might work...

Per step 3, the user WOULD manually open the the Tag Mapper.
However, with the fix they would have a string of comma separated text to simply copy/paste into the rule. The request is because it is A LOT of information.

I'm not sure you are understanding my request. I thought I was clear, but perhaps not. Your "more efficient method" seems completely inefficient. Maintaining a separate tag TEXT file? Why would I do that? I'm talking about the hundreds to thousands of new tags that are imported. Some I'd like to keep (previously unknown to me) and most not.

The tags database is automatically changed based on these imports (which are desired only to be edited vs. no importing tags).

As noted, I've tried the "make my own text file" of the tags I don't want, but that requires typing HUNDREDS of tags comma separated or copy/pasting them one by one which takes time to highlight/copy/switch to text doc/paste/switch back/choose the next/copy/paste/repeat.

Imagine opening the Manage Tags window and seeing that alphabetical list knowing that there are hundreds in there you want to prevent from importing again in the future. Going through and multi-selecting to delete only works once. Then they may show up again. I simply want to be able to generate a comma separate text string of those selected tags AL AT ONCE to then copy/paste them into my removal rules (or even replace rules depending on use).

Is that clearer, because I cannot reconcile you solution as being anywhere near efficient? In fact, it adds more work and is just spinning the wheel.

You do not need to copy paste them one by one. You make the list *once*,
however you like. Once you have made the list, you can edit it easily
and then simply copy paste the whole file into the remove tags rule, to
update the rule.

Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

I can certainly add a button to the tag manager to copy all selected tags to the clipboard to ease the initial creation of the comma separated list of tags, however, I think a better solution is to just make the tag manager available in the tag mapper edit rule dialog. Then you dont need to maintain the liust of tags outside of calibre at all.

JP (jecilop) wrote :

My point is HOW that list is MADE.

HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of tags. The only way to access the tags database that I can find doesn't give me a list of all my tags. I'm trying right now to read my .db file as a text file and find them to see if they are listed like that to at least attempt to grab a bunch at once, but I am NOT having success with that. I can say that there are about 2,000 tags in my dbase right now outside of my massive list of removal/omit tags. I put a LOT of work in to getting an incredibly long list together only to realize it like cutting the head off of a hydra. That's why I'm looking for an EASY way to compile a list of these once, then once again when hundreds more show up as they will.

HOW are you expecting that HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of tags (which as any point once eliminated could have different ones added) get into a comma separated list in a text file? How do I make it "once"? I know only typing them or copy/pasting them (for exactness of long, weird, and complicated ones) into my list. Those methods are the wheel spinning of time.

Is there some other way to easily access the tags database that I don't know?

I've actually done what you've said "once" thinking I was in great shape with my removal rule only to find that all kinds of other tags get created such that I somewhat wasted my time as I only had hundreds upon hundred more new types added. It wasn't a waste only in that I learned a lot about the mapper after you made it.

NOTE: my caps are just highlights - not "shouting". I do appreciate your responses.

JP (jecilop) wrote :

Pic I meant to include...as accessed from Manage Tags.

Highlight are unwanted tags. Imagine hundreds of these as scrolling through the list of tags.

I can't come up with any easy way to capture all of that text in one fell swoop. Typing is a waste of time. I'd rather forget about using tags that waste that time which sucks.

But if I can choose tags all at once like this and generate the comma separate list, it's a process that takes only a few minutes.

Kovid Goyal (kovid) wrote :

Simply create a new empty book record, then use the tag editor dialog
to apply all tags in the database to that book with a couple of
clicks, and copy paste the list of tags from the book metadata.

JP (jecilop) wrote :

That's the key..simply to easy creation of the initial list.
Once that comma separate list is added to the Tag Mapper, a list is no longer needed anywhere else...and THAT is easy to open as a text file and search or even re-modify if desired.

JP (jecilop) wrote :

Hmmm..I didn't see post #7. I only saw an email response about the button so my response in #8 was to that.

   Quote: "I can certainly add a button to the tag manager to copy all selected
tags to the clipboard to ease the initial creation of the comma
separated list of tags, however, I think a better solution is to just
make the tag manager available in the tag mapper edit rule dialog. Then
you dont need to maintain the liust of tags outside of calibre at all."

I have thought about the empty book/All tags approach for other things. The difficulty I see is the left to right reading of the initial list....oh wait, I can add one by one from the list...that's the vertical, easy view...

I can work with that, but I hope IF IT's EASY for you that you can create that button/commas-separated-list approach as browsing that format is so much easier and coincides with other work in Manage Tags.

Many thanks.

Fixed in branch master. The fix will be in the next release. calibre is usually released every Friday.

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