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David Booth (david-booth12) wrote : Re: [Bug 1526370] Re: Tables not output correctly for TB2

Thank you for your comment. I have now updated the code to check for the appropriate values of style['display'] as well as as tag names.I have also moved the checks to before checks for bold, italics, etc. since if a table cell or row has a style which makes it bold or italics, it seems more natural to have the corresponding tag within <td> or <tr> rather than the other way round.

      From: Kovid Goyal <email address hidden>
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 Sent: Wednesday, 24 February 2016, 3:35
 Subject: [Bug 1526370] Re: Tables not output correctly for TB2

While I dont maintain the fb2 output code, so it is not possible for me
to review your changes in general, one thing that I can say is that you
can make it more general by check the value of style['display'] rather
than tag names, since in html any tags can be made to behave like tables
by setting the display property to 'table', 'table-row' and 'table-

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  Tables not output correctly for TB2

Status in calibre:

Bug description:
  HTML tables are not output correctly when converting to FB2.

  The following HTML:
  <p><sup>9</sup>Вот их опись:<br /></p>
  <tr><td>золотых блюд</td><td>30</td></tr>
  <tr><td>серебряных блюд</td><td>1 000</td></tr>
  <sup>10</sup>золотых чаш</td><td>30</td></tr>
  <tr><td>одинаковых серебряных чаш</td><td>410</td></tr>
  <tr><td>других предметов</td><td>1 000</td></tr>
  <br />

  produces the following output in the FB2 file:

  <p><sup>9</sup>Вот их опись:</p><empty-line /><empty-line /><p>золотых блюд</p>
  <p>серебряных блюд</p>
  <p>1 000</p>
  <p>золотых чаш</p>
  <p>одинаковых серебряных чаш</p>
  <p>других предметов</p>
  <p>1 000</p><empty-line />

  Each cell of the table has become a paragraph.

  In fact FB2 supports tables using <table>, <tr> and <td> tags, much
  like HTML. These tags should have appeared in the FB2 output rather
  than just <p> tags.

  This problem was found in Calibre 2.45, running under Ubuntu 12.04.

  Since the input was a proprietry format using a specially developed
  input conversion plugin, providing the input and output files would
  not be of use to you. The ebook-convert command line specified
  --debug-pipeline and the section of HTML quoted above is from one of
  the files in the input directory as written out during conversion.

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