Comment 7 for bug 1523291

Jeff Walker (jeffwalker99) wrote :

Okay, I've deleted the 'KoboReader.sqlite' file on the Kobo and copied across an old backup.

Even though when I ejected the device and card the Mac complained as usual that the Kobo device itself hadn't been properly ejected, directly afterwards I reconnected the Kobo, ran Caliber and it successfully opened the database. This I think pretty much confirms that the problem is a corrupted database.

I then used Calibre to copy one new book to the Kobo, quit Calibre when it had finished doing that, and ejected the card and device. As usual, the Mac complained that the Kobo device itself hadn't been properly ejected.

I can see that the book I copied to the Kobo is there.

So I immediately reconnected the Kobo, ran Calibre and ... wait for it ... "Error communicating with device: unable to open database file".

To me, this suggests that the database is being corrupted by Calibre. What say you?