Comment 6 for bug 1523291

Jeff Walker (jeffwalker99) wrote :

I think the problem might be caused by the Mac not ejecting the kobo device and the micro SD card properly. When you eject one, the other gets ejected as well and the Mac complains that the device hasn't been ejected properly.

The Kobo desktop application seems to work okay. Today I used it to add a book to my library directly after Caliber said it couldn't connect to the database. Also the Kobo desktop application synced with the device okay.

When I used the Kobo application's eject button, the Micro SD card ejected okay but the Mac put up a message saying the Kobo device itself hadn't been properly ejected.

The book I added to my library is now showing up on my Kobo.

Directly after quitting the Kobo desktop device I reconnected the Kobo and ran Calibre. I got the same "unable to open database file" error message.

Directly after quitting Calibre I used the Firefox SQLite Manager to open the' KoboReader.sqlite' database directly from the Kobo. It did that without any error. I ran its "Check Integrity" option and when it finished it said 'Checked Integrity of the database using "PRAGMA integrity_check". Result: OK'.

It's a puzzler.