Comment 2 for bug 1523291

David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

That sort of error usually means the there is a problem with the database on the device. It is corrupted in such a way that the it cannot be opened and read properly. If this happens, the device can keep working as it is using an in memory copy of the data. But, it won't be able to save the data and restarting the device will revert to old data. This is usually seen as losing the reading position or old books showing on the home screen. You can check the database using any SQLite database management tool, or the Kobo Utilities plugin in calibre.

If the database is corrupt, unless you have a backup of the database, you will need to signout of your Kobo account on the device. This will generate a new database and take you through the setup process.

But, as this is on a Mac, there is another possibility. For some reason, Macs can occasionally mount the devices readonly. I have no idea why, but it happens.