Comment 14 for bug 1523291

Jeff Walker (jeffwalker99) wrote :

Thanks for your feedback, I'll try some of that and get back to you.

You'll appreciate that the library didn't go from 0 to 12,000 in 6 seconds :) it has been gradually built up over a period of some years. In fact, it has been bigger in the past (>14K) but I recently pruned it. Currently the database is just over 1GB.

Prior to the 3.19.x firmware update (i.e. with the 3.18.x firmware) the problem was intermittent but could be fixed by doing something on the Kobo that changed the database, such as adding a book to a collection for example. After doing that and reconnecting the device to the iMac, Calibre could open the database again. But after the 3.19.x firmware update that little trick no longer works.

I think the best clue is that when I add a book to the Micro SD card via the slot in the iMac, the Kobo spots this and thus adds the book to then database, and directly after that Calibre can open the database once more. But then ejecting the card from the iMac causes the mounted device to be ejected too, followed by the error message about it not being ejected properly, and directly after that Calibre can no longer open the database.

I don't think the problem will happen without a Micro SD card inserted because all the evidence says the problem is related to how the iMac is ejecting the mounted card and device. But I'll try it to make sure.

I'll also try some of your other suggestions and let you know how it goes.