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First of all thanks to have analyzed my flag. I sent it thinking it was a Calibre conversion problem.
I manage with ebooks and html for hobby, so if you are not interested to go deeper no problem.

The problem is still there.
I checked again with a .docx file, with image already centered, converted with Calibre.
No particular settings in conversion schedule ( page profile: input default, output Kobo reader ).
In stylesheet.css I only changed text-indent value to 0pt in block_3.

I add an information about my Kobo Touch even it should not affect the problem.
As I remove completed books from the reader, occasionally I delete the folders of removed books from Koboreader directory and from Annotations and Manifest subdirectories.

I insert docx and Calibre files if you want to go deeper.

Thanks again

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Inviato: sabato 7 novembre 2015 15:07
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Oggetto: [Bug 1510071] Re: On Kobo Touch ( driver 3.18.0 ) images and caption are left aligned instead of center aligned

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. I have created a sample book with code, images and CSS as you describe. It displays the image centred correctly on both my Touch and Aura H2O. If it isn't on you Touch something else is happening. There are two likely possibilities I can think of.

Are you sure there are no errors in the book? And especially the styles?
If there is, the Kobo firmware will completely ignore the stylesheet.
Hence, the image and text would be left justified.

In any case, unless calibre is generating code that is invalid, this is not a calibre problem. If you are having problems with the books on the device, I suggest posting in the Kobo forum at MobileRead.

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  On Kobo Touch ( driver 3.18.0 ) images and caption are left aligned
  instead of center aligned

Status in calibre:

Bug description:
  No view problem with Calibre, Sigil and ADE
  Calibre 2.41
  Windows 7 64 bit
  Image dimension: 425 x 620 px
  <p class="block_3"><img alt="Image" class="calibre2" src="../Images/Gatto057.jpeg" /></p>
  <p class="block_4">Il sacco di Roma dei Visigoti di Alarico 1</p>

  .block_3 {
      display: block;
      text-align: center;
      text-indent: 0pt;
      padding: 0

  .block_4 {
      display: block;
      font-size: 0.75em;
      text-align: center;
      padding: 0

  .calibre2 {
      height: 484pt;
      width: 332pt

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