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Katja (katjawy) wrote :

Hi David @davidfor
I found a "clever" solution and like to share this with other user as there are several blogs around the same topic: sorting.
What about adding this to
as there are already a lot of nice solutions.

Something like:

Metadata: Show title sorted including article and author by firstname (Kobo)

Kobo (at least Glo HD) ignore title_sort and author_sort fields.
1) Verify title value is not manipulated i.e. showing "The Garden" and not "Garden, The"
2) Verify author values are Firstname Surname.
3) Create a plugboard
format: any
device: any

to get title sorted on the reader without ignoring articles
either add a small sign in front
template: -{title}
destination: title
or replace the language for books with an article
template {title:switch(^The,de,^A,de,{languages})}
destination: language

to get autor sorted on the reader by firstname followed by surname
template: {authors: re( , )}
destination: authors
Please take care that the first space in the brackets is a normal one but the second (behind the comma) is created by pressing ALT key and entering (on number block) 0160