Comment 6 for bug 1503683

Katja (katjawy) wrote :

Hi David,
I am impressed about the detailed answer with several options depending on the user knowledge and behaviour and pointing to side effects.

Following the recommendation to keep metadata untouched, I already take half the way of «clever». For now I added a column where I put something in for special-sort. I added the plugin mentioend by you. I use metadata plugboard and refer to new column to adjust language with function «test».
This could be automated but I need to understand the syntax looking into calibre manual. Please do NOT help. I am keen to figure that out by myself.

Now my title order on the reader looks ok (normal alphabeth without extra sign) and this could be easy achived with any further book added. To switch the dictionary to an other in case it is needed and only one-time is a very small side effect to me.

Thanks again and sorry that I assume it was a calibre issue due to converting.
Your grateful Katja.