Comment 5 for bug 1503683

David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Yes, I think the language being set to German is the difference. You can avoid this by setting the language to something else. But, this has other affects. At the least, it will mean the wrong dictionary will be used for the book on the device. You can select the correct dictionary and that will be remembered for that book.

The simplest way to do this is by setting the language in the calibre library. Personally, I wouldn't as I would prefer to have the correct info in the library.

The next way to do it is with a metadata plugboard. This can set the language during the send. If you wanted to be clever, you could probably create a plugboard that checked the first word of the title and only used different language if it was an article.

Another way to do it is to fiddle with the title. There has been a bit of discussion about sorting in the Kobo forums at MobileRead. One of the discussions was how to handle authors whose surnames had two words. And someone else who didn't want "LN FN" to be sorted as "FN, LN". The solution was to replace the space with some other character. The simple way to do it would be to use an underscore. But, I think they tried something else. I think a non-breaking space worked.

The only problem with using a metadata plugboard is that you need an extra plugin to update the metadata in kepubs. You will need the "KePub Metadata Writer" plugin to do this. It is installable from the plugins section of the calibre preference.