Comment 4 for bug 1503683

Katja (katjawy) wrote :

Hi David,
thanks for your time looking in my concerns.

I also find out that kobo is not using sort field, which I feel is wrong but for sure not a calibre issue.

There is a name for that kind of sorting? wow - «library order» - I hate it but again not a calibre issue.

And yes ;-) I use the plugboard but the basic tests are done without. This was a former screen.
My temporary solution is a plugboard entry "-{title} - {author}" as the «-» prevent kobo from finding the article.

I have the following add-ons installed
- kobotouchextended
- koboutilities
- kobobooks
I cannot see any kepub metada writer at all in the list.

For converting I am using from epub to epub, send afterwards to kobo while at the reader kobo.epub arrives.

Looking in the kepub on the reader (unzip on the pc) I cann see that there is a content.opf when it is converted.
But for those without conversion there is a metadata.opf.
Is there anything I can look at or are you interested in those files?

Also the hint with the language could be a good one. The book is «very» German but the download page is not. So maybe that's why there is a different before and after.
Can I use that to get rid of «library order»? The reader should have language German but the books may stay with english. I cannot see why not.
How could I achive that?