Comment 21 for bug 1477696

goletto (caljammi) wrote :

Hello and thank you for your precision Kovid.

To pass without anxiety from V.2.79 to V.3.16;
I am going to search the forums how to be certain to recover all my preferences, libraries, series, labels etc .. and also the adjustments and additions made by lines of code found on the forums.

Given two anti-virus, and a very heavy machine, where the Roaming is reported on the 24th disc "Z" my "System Restorations do not always work". Would you know if there are specific folders to back up to recover for sure what I just mentioned if I had to reinstall V.2.79

In version 2.79.0, option "Interface and presentation" - "Main interface" I do not have the option that you quote Kovid for screens H.D., I suppose it is in version 3.16.0

So I think that the modification of code to copy it paste of the mouse is directly integrated with this version 3.16 it is correct?
Or should we download the new version on a specific link in order to benefit from this code change test?

I am a bit out of the original subject, but it is in order to recover your code modification of the copy-pasted
Thank you very much.