Comment 16 for bug 1477696

goletto (caljammi) wrote :

Hello Kovid and everyone;

Please excuse me I am French I did not fully understand the recommendations of Eli Schwartz (eschwartz) about the Forum.

For my part
with WIN7 64 and Calibre 2.79 (64) I have the bug since always but randomly:
1 ° / it does not depend on browser open or not
2 ° / it does not depend on what is the open book
3 ° / the button "copy" of the tool bar works at 100% always
4 ° / the "copied" of the right click of the mouse it depends on the days but I would say that at 60/80% of the time it does not work.

I have also done tests by opening and closing Calibre and restarting my system and opening the word processors first (before Calibre) or after calibre, nothing changes, when it does not copy with the help of the mouse it does not paste on any support.

I think we need to continue testing and we will be able to discern what is common to all who have the bug.
This is probably a conflict but we probably thousands to have this problem.

We have to help Calibre as calibre helps us

Forgive my bad English
 see you soon