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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Let's start with the easy question. What firmware version? Saying "the latest updates from Kobo" doesn't actually tell much. Different devices get updated at different time. And Kobo roll out the firmware slowly around the world. So the latest for one person is much older for another.

What do you mean by "all covers were lost"? Kobo devices generate the covers as needed. For books on the main memory, they store them for later use. For books on the SD card, they are generated each time. But, there is some memory caching for the recent books. The generate cover is the first page of the book. Unless you are using kepubs. In that case, the cover image is extracted from the book and which image to use is specified in the OPF file.

And I'm not sure exactly when this happened. I think you connected to the PC, used calibre to send some books and then disconnected. At this point, it sounds like the Kobo firmware was updated. Is this correct? Or did that happen as a separate step? And did the covers disappear after the firmware update or after the disconnect from the PC and the books were processed?

As I am not completely sure what is happening, the things I can think of to do are:

- Power the device off and back on. This clears all caches and restarts the Kobo application on the device. Any covers that the device needs should be generated after this. Or, they will be read from the main memory.

- Check the database isn't corrupt. The Kobo Utilities plugin has a function do to this when the device is connected.

- Remove any stored covers on the device. Again, the Kobo Utilities plugin has a function do to this when the device is connected.

That's what I can think of at this point. Some more details of what is happening and when should help.