Comment 12 for bug 1263461

arspr (arspr) wrote :

Hi Kovid,

Development environment set and running. (A pretty * appears beside the 1.17 version number).

But I need you to guide me about HOW I debug the issue...

Nevertheless I can give you what I think it's a very good hint. My home PC is running Windows Vista 64bit. And now I have two possible Calibres running:
+ My installed one, which is the 64-bit version.
+ My portable one on an USB stick. (Which I suppose is a 32-bit version). (I've switched the Library setting of my portable for the time being, so both Calibres are using the same one, which is my PC one).

Well, either from source or normally running, I CANNOT REPLICATE THE ISSUE ON CALIBRE 64-BIT. But either from source or normally running, IT'S STILL PRESENT ON MY CALIBRE PORTABLE. (Both versions running against the same source code).