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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Sorry, but it isn't as simple as that.

The only sorts on the device that use the date columns are "Recently Read" and "Date Added". The latter is only on shelves.

The "Date Added" sort is only on shelves. It is the date added to the shelf, not to the device. Because of that, it wouldn't be that useful for this purpose. I suppose if you had a shelf that had all the books on it, it could be done, but that feels like overkill. I have used the "Date Added" sort in my utilities plugin to give series sorting in shelves.

The "Recently Read" is a more complicated. It uses two columns. One is "___SyncTime", which is the timestamp for when the book is first seen by the device. The other is "DateLastRead", which changed each time you open or close a book, mark it finished or unfinished. The sort uses DateLastRead unless it is null, then it uses __SyncTime.

For the other dates available in the devices database:

- "DateCreated" is the publishing date. It is displayed on the book details screen.
- "DateAdded" was added in 2.9.0 and I haven't looked at it much. It looks like it is the book purchase date for kepubs and the added to Pocket date for Pocket articles.

Because of way the "Recently Read" sort works, and the data it uses is maintained, I can't see how changing the values through the driver will help.