Comment 3 for bug 1251658

David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Firstly, my apologies for missing this. I have no idea how as I do have the bug notification.

Hopefully you have sorted this out since then. But, just in case...

The error message means the database on the device has been corrupted. How, I don't know. One way is to not safely eject the device when it is connected to the PC.

The fix is to replace the database with a new one. This can usually be done by logging out of the account on the device. This will do a restart and put a new database in place. Then it will take you through the basic setup including logging in again. It will then add the sideloaded books back into the library.

If this doesn't work, a factory reset will be needed. This wipes the device, installs the factory firmware and then goes through the fill set-up processes. Any sideloaded books will be removed and need to be added again.