Comment 0 for bug 1216410

This Steps go to the Bug:

=> Kobo Aura HD Firmware 2.81 (the bug is also on Firmware 2..52 and 2,62
=> A 32GB SD Card in the SD Slot
=> No Books on Reader, all older books on SD Card

1. Connect to Aura HD on calibre and Wait until the Reader Library load
2. Send 1 or more books to the SD Card and wait until all process finished
3. Send again 1 or more ebooks to the Reader

At Step 3 the Connection was ever broken with a message "Lost Connection"

The Workarround is => I must disconnect the cable and connect the Reader again. Many Prccesses on calibre makes this Workarround more time expensive.

Info: I have an Kobo Glo, this bug are not on Glo the Problems gives only with Aura HD!

Greetings from germany