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as i have said - i have an micro sd card in my kobo; when i attach the kobo to my computer and open calibre it shows up at the top as card 'a' next to the kobo icon.
from which i can open the list of books on the card

what ever the file / book, it opens on my computer with the correct info (not metadata), but on the kobo opens with faulty titles, authors and metadata
so i want to correct them using calibre but calibre will not let me correct them via the list it shows.
doing them in calibre and then transfering the corrected files, takes a long time as calibre doesn't just transfer just the one file  - it sends each item in its own folder with 3 files in each, instead of one file with no folder, so i have to remove each folder plus some files and metadata! (ie. cover pictures jpeg plus opf file)

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> From: David Forrester <email address hidden>
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>Sent: Friday, 17 May 2013, 18:58
>Subject: [Bug 1180507] Re: calibre will not edit epub books on sd card
>So, on the device list, you find the book and double-click on it to open
>The problem is the file name. Specifically, it is the question mark in
>the name or whatever character it is replacing.  Windows doesn't like
>the character as part of a file name. When calibre tries to open the
>file, it gets the error. To check exactly what the character and hence
>the filename is, look at the drive using explorer. The file will
>probably be there, but the name might be displayed incorrectly. And
>trying to open will fail.
>The device can open the file because it is a Linux based device and the
>rules on file names are different. Or it is opening it in a way that
>gets around this.
>I am not sure what you mean by "edit the items on the card". Are you
>trying to send new books to the card? Or are you trying to edit the
>metadata using the device list? Sending should work, and when it doesn't
>there should be an error message. Changing the books in other ways,
>can't be done directly on the device. You need to make the changes in
>calibre and then send the new copy over. And depending on the change,
>you need to delete the old copy first. If you change the metadata or
>structure of a book, it needs to be deleted first. But fixing spelling
>or grammar, or changing the styles, can probably be sent without
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>  calibre will not edit epub books on sd card
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>Bug description:
>  kobo touch
>  browser firefox
>  os windows xp
>  also calibre says "error communicating with device"
>  yet it had just loaded the list of books on the card!
>  what i am trying to do is correct the data so that it appears correctly on my kobo reader
>  this bug has been around for at least 3 updates
>  definatly the last 2 - last version 0.9.27 now updated to version 0.9.30
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