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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

So, on the device list, you find the book and double-click on it to open it?

The problem is the file name. Specifically, it is the question mark in the name or whatever character it is replacing. Windows doesn't like the character as part of a file name. When calibre tries to open the file, it gets the error. To check exactly what the character and hence the filename is, look at the drive using explorer. The file will probably be there, but the name might be displayed incorrectly. And trying to open will fail.

The device can open the file because it is a Linux based device and the rules on file names are different. Or it is opening it in a way that gets around this.

I am not sure what you mean by "edit the items on the card". Are you trying to send new books to the card? Or are you trying to edit the metadata using the device list? Sending should work, and when it doesn't there should be an error message. Changing the books in other ways, can't be done directly on the device. You need to make the changes in calibre and then send the new copy over. And depending on the change, you need to delete the old copy first. If you change the metadata or structure of a book, it needs to be deleted first. But fixing spelling or grammar, or changing the styles, can probably be sent without deleting.