Comment 7 for bug 1049878

Odinokij Volk (odinokijvolk) wrote :

Thank you for resuming this thread.

I attach you a zip file with the following books:

   1_Original FB2 with Links to Footnotes.fb2
   2_Mobi from Original FB2 with Links to
   3_FB2 converted from Mobi WITHOUT Links to Footnotes.fb2

As their names autoexplain, I add book 1 to calibre, convert it to mobi format to get book 2, remove book 1 from calibre, and convert book 2 to fb2 format to obtain book 3.

To find an example of the lost links, you can search in the text for "los otros no tienen suficiente" so you will find:

   In book 1 (fb2): "los otros no tienen suficiente<a type="note" l:href="#n4">4</a>"
   In book 2 (mobi): "los otros no tienen suficiente" (followed by the link to footnote 4)
   In book 3 (fb2): "los otros no tienen suficiente<sup>4</sup>" (the link is lost)

Thank you again for your work,

   Odinokij Volk.