Comment 15 for bug 1006650

wangzheng (hbyw618) wrote :

I just login to post the same title, IMO this is absolute needed a great feature for reasons below:
1. many browser plugins provided the similar functions, but they lack of unified process result, and many of them just not function well enough.
2. most of them dont support math symbols, such as latex, the layout is messy when I got the result in my kindle.
3. I need to manage several account just for downloading a page, and almost no way to download my articles in other formats.
4. my articles distributed into many sites, very hard to find, search, and manage them.
5. the BIG trouble is, when we those sites, where can I get all my articles back?

so my suggestion is:
1. offline saving is safe.
2. centralized management is good.
3. unified looking will make ur reading fast and efficient.
4. good support of math for scientific articles is a great hit but we need a stable software, and Calibre is the way!
5. searching, convert is base fuction of Calibre, we just need a plugin.

We really need this function, Calibre, plz!!!!!