Comment 0 for bug 1204907

Marco Lusini (marco-lusini) wrote :

The current "Hyphenate file" feature of the extended driver doesn't work on the Kobo, since the firmware seems to mess up the display when it finds soft-hyphens in the epub code.

As an alternative, you coud add a single line to the epub CSS (or may be add a brand new, possibly customizable, CSS file...) in order to enable the native hyphenation feature of the ACCESS rendering engine:

* { -webkit-hyphens: auto; }

with this line, every paragraph with a justified text alignment will be hyphenated by the ACCESS engine.
The language used for hyphenation is the one specified in the <dc:language> element of the content.opf. (I think that this can be locally overriden with the 'lang' attribute).
This is present in, and I guess that it is used when the user selects "justified" in font options dialog.

This feature could replace the current "Hyphenate file" feature or be added as an extra option.