Comment 5 for bug 1385907

Brian (mycompostpile) wrote :

nick - I agree that it would make sense to have the 'Open the configuration ...' pop up when the path is empty.

I have been looking at the code trying to see why it does not since the reloading of the configuration brings that popup message.

I haven't updated to the latest code yet but it looks like the reason is in how the code checks for the null path when the icon is clicked. If the icon list is null clicking the icon will pop up that message but if the icon list is not null (meaning it had data at some time) then clicking the icon will not pop up that message.

If the code for the Folders applet has not changed much for version 3.4.0 then one solution may be to change a line in the file applet-notifications.c (I haven't tested this so I am not 100% sure)

the line:
change to:
else if (CD_APPLET_MY_ICONS_LIST == NULL || myConfig.cDirPath == NULL)

This code is within the CD_APPLET_ON_CLICK_BEGIN section.