Comment 2 for bug 640398

2010/9/16 Matthieu Baerts <email address hidden>

> Hello,
> Thank you for this bug report!
> But can you give us more details:
> * What's your WM? (Compiz, Kwin, Metacity)
> * "a piece of plane disappears" => is it a Compiz effect? With which
> window?
> * Can you post here a screencast (or a screenshot)?
> --
> if I click on an icon a piece of plane disappears
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> Status in Cairo-Dock : Core: New
> Bug description:
> I'm using cairo-dock 2.2 rc1
> This happans under ubuntu lucid & maverick
> Also when synaptic finishes a work and rotate, a piece of plane under the
> icon is covered by a halo
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I'm using compiz, but there was no problem using the previous version of
It's not a compiz effect and I'm not using openGL acceleration.
It happens for every type of window: if I click on a subdock or on an applet
I see a halo below,
if I click on a launcher a square below disappears.
The defects finish passing over the dock with the mouse.