Caffeine cause Notify-OSD to not show up

Bug #593649 reported by Reda Lazri (0rAX0) on 2010-06-14
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Bug Description

I think that somehow Caffeine is disabling Notify-OSD.

Verify the problem:

- Disable Caffeine (don't close it).
- Type notify-send "Hello" in the terminal.
- Everything works!

Now repeat the steps but with Caffeine enabled, You won't be able to see notifications at all, except maybe for the Volume UP/DOWN.

Please fix it ASAP, it's really annoying.

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Isaiah Heyer (freshapplepy) wrote :


Critical and non-critical queues and do-not-disturb mode
Every notification, whether it is to be presented as a bubble or as a fallback alert box, should be treated as if it is in one of two queues: critical or non-critical. All pending critical notifications should appear before any pending non-critical notification bubbles appear; and within each queue, notifications should appear in chronological order. (This means, for example, that a fallback alert box should not appear until earlier notification bubbles have finished displaying. This prevents a later interactive notification from appearing inappropriately before an earlier non-interactive one from the same program.)

Whenever a program is inhibiting the screensaver, Notify OSD should be in do-not-disturb mode. While in this mode:

All notifications should be logged as normal.
Critical notifications, and all confirmation bubbles, should appear as normal.
Any non-critical notification bubble that was already being displayed, at the moment Notify OSD entered do-not-disturb mode, should remain for its scheduled duration.
Normal processing of the non-critical notification queue should stop, so that no further notification bubbles appear.
Once it has been in the queue for 30 seconds, any non-critical notification that would be rendered as a fallback alert box should (for compatibility) appear as normal, except that it should open explicitly unfocused and in the background.
Once it has been in the queue for 30 seconds, any non-critical notification that would be rendered as a bubble should be discarded from the queue and never displayed.
When Notify OSD leaves do-not-disturb mode, normal processing of the non-critical notification queue should resume.

Changed in caffeine:
status: New → Won't Fix
Andrea Azzarone (azzar1) wrote :

According to me when we disable the screensaver with caffeine all the notification should be shown.
I made a patch to resolve it.

If anything, we could include the possibility to choose whether or not to disable notifications.

Andrea Azzarone (azzar1) wrote :

The patch is for file

Andrea Azzarone (azzar1) wrote :

Maybe this patch looks better sorry for the mistake.

Lee Hyde (anubeon) wrote :

If this isn't fixed soon Caffeine will become a hindrance to my work-flow. I use Caffeine at work to prevent my office laptop from entering suspension when I'm in the laboratory, and I typically leave caffeine in a 'disable screensaver' state all day long, even when I'm at my desk working. So I'm missing a lot of potentially useful (though apparently not critical) notifications!

I'm sure I'll get around to applying Andrea's patch at some point, but if this bug isn't fixed proper, the utility of having Caffeine installed will quickly be outweighed by the disadvantages of being denied notifications and having an extra indicator in an already overcrowded indicator-applet.

Andreas (andreas-weiden) wrote :

Although I do agree, that this patch should find it's way into the release version as soon as possible, installing the patch really is a matter of 5 minutes...just download the patch and issue the patch command. Done

At least for me everything has been working perfectly since applying Andrea's patch, so I don't see a reason why it should'nt be adopted in the main code. Thanks to Andrea, by the way;)

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