not working in Ubuntu 18.xx lts

Bug #1801499 reported by eric gillespie on 2018-11-03
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Bug Description

caffeine and caffeine indicator are not working. upon clicking on either they load in the tool bar not the panel. and after approximately 10-30 seconds they disappear. Neither of them will allow you to activate or deactivate, no options are available before the icons disappear. I've loaded caffeine from the app store and from command line and both act the same.

Reuben Thomas (rrt) wrote :

I'm not sure what you mean by "the tool bar".

Caffeine does not have an icon. Caffeine and caffeine indicator are working fine for me under Ubuntu GNOME 18.04. Which version of Ubuntu are you using and which desktop?

cosy (cosy2) wrote :

i can confirm that on 18,10 does not work

1 start both caffine and caffeine-indicator

2 on the indicator pick activate

3 wait .....

4 PC suspends anyway

never had this problem with caffine-ng fork on voidlinux or archlinux using BSPWM so am pretty sure it is caffine

Reuben Thomas (rrt) wrote :

caffeine-ng has built-in code to manage screensaver inhibition, whereas caffeine uses xdg-screensaver. All the evidence so far is that the problem is in xdg-screensaver.

Robert (robert-seassau) wrote :

I also confirm it doesn't work with 18.04.01 32bits, gnome 3.28.2:
caffeine and caffeine indicator are in processes list
caffeine indicator button is not visible
xscreensaver is not disabled when playing full screen video (firefox or VLC)

Reuben Thomas (rrt) wrote :

In GNOME, xdg-screensaver (and hence Caffeine) will interact with GNOME's desktop idleness inhibition, not xscreensaver.

What happens if you run caffeine-indicator from the command line? The package has all the dependencies it needs to display an indicator.

Again, I can't reproduce these problems; sorry!

major (vistauser) wrote :

using Ubuntu 18.04LTS and caffeine/caffeine indicator will no longer prevent screensaver from activating - say - when playing full screen video - broken caffeine or broken Ubuntu (from latest update?)? Used to work fine - indicator will display on bar at top and allow 'activate' (steam comes out of 'cup'), but won't prevent Xscreensaver from running on full screen videos, etc. Any 'alternative'?

Reuben Thomas (rrt) wrote :

See above. xdg-screensaver (and hence caffeine{,-indicator}) does not use xscreensaver under GNOME.

major (vistauser) wrote :

Tried alternative 'Brightside' to stop xscreensaver using corner 'hotspot'... hotspot seems to 'activate', but xscreensaver STILL activates....

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